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A full highlight entails adding dimension and texture to your hair color with highlights and lowlights. The foils are placed throughout your entire head, generally from ear to ear and from fringe to neck, to give you dimension and texture.  Let Nirvana highlight you!


Hair Care

Nirvana stylists specialize in the fashioning and treatment of hair. Our services include cleaning and cutting hair, offering hair care and hair styling consultations and recommending hair styling products.  Nirvana will give your hair excellent care!



High-quality haircuts for both adults and children are an art form at Nirvana. You’ll get the cut and look you want from our artists.


Men’s Cut: Our barber stylists are clipper masters! Get the freshest cut in Richmond!

Women’s Cut: Stylists are highly skilled in giving cutting edge styles!

Cut & Shampoo: Add a relaxing shampoo with some of our professional hair care products.

Cut, Shampoo & Basic Style: Enjoy a blow-dry and brush-finished cut.

Cut, Shampoo & Full Style: Complement the cut by styling with hot tools to flair.

Kids Cut: We welcome your kids for that fresh new cut.. For guests 12 and under. (Age may vary by location.)

Kids Cut & Shampoo: Add a shampoo to their fresh new cut. For guests 12 and under.

Bang or Beard Trims: Quick touch-up trim.